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    The Grounded Actor is an actor who emerges from a safe space, is fully integrated into her body, is “open for business,” and has removed all obstacles in her path.  Her voice, body, and breath work together to create a character that stems from truth and openness.

    The actor’s job is to tell a story, to reflect humanity, and to be a vessel for truth.  These stories, humans, and truths are not always pleasant, some can be downright horrible.  But by implementing the techniques from The Grounded Actor Project, the actor herself does not suffer the consequences.  Instead, she keeps her feet on the ground, her heart and throat open, and her boundaries strong.  She allows the story to flow through her, without compromising who she is as a person.


    I find this work to be very helpful in today’s society with so many distractions; pings from our phones, apps vying for our attention.  We are all living in the ether of the online world, and it can be challenging to drop back into the body as actors need to do.  When I was on tour, I was groundless.  We were in different cities sometimes every night, and it was hard to find a way to not wear out my body and voice.  But by returning to the tools of yoga therapy, an analog way of connection, I was able to replenish my energetic bank account and continue to tell the story of my character.  


    I hope you find this work helpful, too.  Let’s get started.  



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